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Company Overview

GreensLedge was founded in New York by like-minded partners who wanted to run a different type of boutique investment bank. Our managing partners have a deep history within structured credit, having run global structured product divisions at top bulge bracket firms. They wanted to create an investment bank built around deep relationships and collaborative efforts. At GreensLedge, our relationships are measured in decades rather than years.

Our firm’s pedigree and relationship focus have attracted talent from around the world. Our collaborative nature means we are always communicating, whether across project teams or between our international offices. This mindset fuels our drive to find what we believe are the best solutions, no matter how complicated or simple a transaction may be.

Tackling Everything Together

At GreensLedge, we are obsessed with collaboration. Every project — no matter how challenging or straightforward — represents an opportunity for us to tap into our firm’s collective knowledge and experience to come up with the optimal solution. We see every undertaking as a firm-wide initiative, which is why at least one managing partner is involved with every project.

Unbound by Silos

We do not restrict our professionals by placing them into silos. Instead, we form teams based on what people know and what the project needs. We deliberately structured GreensLedge to encourage collective responsibility. We create teams of disparate specialists that we believe let us explore solutions from multiple angles and maintain project continuity.

Key Milestones

  • GreensLedge is Established

    GreensLedge is established to provide a trusted banking resource for clients coming out of the Great Recession.

  • Launched GreensLedge Capital Markets

    Launched GreensLedge Capital Markets, a U.S. registered broker-dealer, in New York.

  • Established GreensLedge Asia

    Established GreensLedge Asia, a Japanese registered broker-dealer in Tokyo.

  • Established GreensLedge Europe

    Established GreensLedge Europe, a UK registered broker-dealer in London.

  • Expanded GreensLedge Asia

    Expanded GreensLedge Asia with the addition of a Korean office in Seoul.

  • Sold a passive minority ownership interest to Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank

    Sold a passive minority ownership interest to Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank.

  • Established GreensLedge Asset Management

    Established GreensLedge Asset Management, an investment advisor focused on CLO tranche investing, in Hartford, Connecticut.

  • Launched Lime Funding

    Launched Lime Funding, a $3+ billion Asset-Backed Commercial Paper Conduit, in partnership with Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank.