• GreensLedge Direct Funding


The duration of our professional relationships is measured in decades, not years. As a result, GreensLedge plays an increasingly active role in direct fundraising on behalf of our clients. We have raised over $2 billion in LP and LP-backed capital since 2018. Our reach is particularly strong In Asia, specifically in Japan and Korea.

Recent Transactions

Amberstone Facility
$179 million

2022-08-11T20:43:12-04:00Transaction Categories: |

Blackstone Credit Managed Fund
$189.4 million CLO Fund

2022-11-10T10:55:45-05:00Transaction Categories: |

Anchorage Illiquid Opps Fund VII
$50 million Distressed Opps Fund

2022-11-10T10:41:34-05:00Transaction Categories: |

These transactions do not represent a complete list of GreensLedge’s historical business activities, and are not indicative of what business GreensLedge may conduct in the future. See “Transactions” page for more information.

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