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M&A and Corporate Advisory

GreensLedge helps companies evaluate potential acquisitions or sales by providing an actionable list of targets and conducting valuation analysis. Our extensive network allows clients to explore strategic partnerships. We can advise on the end-to-end lifecycle of a deal, starting with timing and deal structure through to pricing negotiation and a successful close. We specialize in structured credit platforms, finance companies/BDC’s, and alternative asset managers.

GreensLedge has advised on M&A-related activity involving over $73 billion in AUM.

Recent Transactions

Purchase of Wellfleet Partners
$6.5 billion M&A

2022-08-11T14:22:44-04:00Transaction Categories: |

Sale of Company to CIBC
$2.6 billion M&A

2022-11-10T11:15:05-05:00Transaction Categories: |

These transactions do not represent a complete list of GreensLedge’s historical business activities, and are not indicative of what business GreensLedge may conduct in the future. See “Transactions” page for more information.