Asset Management

  • GreensLedge Asset Management

Investment Opportunity in Primary and Secondary Markets

GreensLedge Asset Management (GLAM) was launched in 2019 with $4.5 billion in structured assets under advisement. Our leadership and portfolio managers ran one of the world’s largest structured credit portfolios of over $17 billion in AUM at Barings LLC Structured Credit.

GLAM’s senior team, headed by Matthew Natcharian and Derek Yaworsky, has over 20 years of investment experience through multiple cycles, and believes it is well-positioned to capitalize on today’s market opportunities.

The GLAM team believes that alpha generation in CLO tranche portfolios fundamentally comes from the upfront selection of strong collateral managers, active monitoring of portfolio risks, and timely relative value trading to dynamically improve risk-adjusted returns.

Descriptions of GLAM and its activities are communications of GLAM, a registered investment advisor, and are not meant to be communications of any other GreensLedge-related entity.