• Masanori Inamura

Masanori Inamura

Head of Compliance

Masanori Inamura2021-01-20T22:24:53-05:00

Masanori Inamura is the Head of Compliance at GreensLedge Asia Limited. He started his career at Yamaichi Securities in 1984 after graduating from San Diego State University with BA degree. He then transferred to Yamaichi international Europe (London) as a Fixed Income Sales Manager in 1986. After he left London in 1991, he was involved in the fixed income, structured products, and derivatives businesses. In 2001, he joined the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission of Japan as a Derivative Inspector and spent six years there, including one year in the US Government (Commodity Futures Trading Commission in the Chicago Regional Office). In 2007, he moved to Credit Suisse Securities as a Director at Compliance Dept, before joining a FX and CFD online business company in 2009 as a Chief Internal Control Officer. He moved to Kazaka Securities as the COO in 2012.

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